[Imports] Question on imports

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Oct 20 09:20:21 UTC 2013


   just to understand this better:

On 10/20/2013 02:49 AM, Randal Hale wrote:
> The data was donated yesterday. Data prep started yesterday.

So you have thought about how to import it for one full day, and you
haven't talked to anyone else about it, and ...

> Since the editathon is this weekend - I'm not spending the better part 
> of a week arguiing the merits of building foot print data. I needed to 
> show progress today - it's building foot print data - not addresses or 
> anything else.

... you are not even *willing* to talk because you need to "show
progress" two days after the data has been donated?

Please, with regards to imports that's about as bad as it gets. If you
have no time to do it right, then don't do it, period.


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