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Svavar Kjarrval svavar at kjarrval.is
Tue Oct 29 22:52:16 UTC 2013

To: legal-talk and import


The National Land Survey of Iceland released a lot of data recently
under an adaptation of the Open Government Licence. There is a lot of
data under this licence and it will require many separate imports. For
example, the NLSI's coastline for Iceland has 260.280 nodes while there
are, currently, 81.063 coastline nodes for Iceland in OSM. There are
many other datasets like this we can import under this licence. The data
is, I think, very valuable to us and very detailed.

English version of the licence:

I already asked on the #osm IRC channel and the main questions were
regarding the attribution and the appendix.
* The attribution requirement, if I understand correctly, is fulfilled
if there's a link on the OSM wiki contributors page. This interpretation
is further supported by my e-mail exchange with the CEO of the NLSI (in
* The appendix is just a notice and serves as a warning that even if the
roads and trails are marked as open to public traffic in the data, the
traffic signs in meatspace take precedence. It does not require us to
forward this notice or do anything else. I think it absolves them from
any responsibility if the data does not conform with the traffic signs
and road markings at any given time.

Could you check the licence and see if it's OK in your opinion? If there
are no blockers in the licence, we can start preparing imports and link
to this thread to avoid repeats in the licence discussions.

With regards,
Svavar Kjarrval
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