[Imports] SASA bus stops import

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 10:15:53 UTC 2013


Fair enough, though that agreement isn't documented- there's just that
one sentence saying it exists. With that, I'd say we need more proof,
such as an email or whatever else you have that can serve as a
document of record.

But assuming the agreement is in place (because I trust anyone who
makes their own pastrami)...

I'd remove the source tag from objects. It doesn't help.

I would keep, if possible, some kind of ref tag identifier- for the
reason I'm about to outline...

But my biggest concern is this:

"This is a manual one-time-import. JOSM will be used for checking,
validation, conflation and upload of the data. "

Manual, one time imports aren't generally very good. They're subject
to bitrot of the highest order. And when you're talking about a
feature which changes as frequently as bus stops, with bus route data,
then the data is quickly going to become fairly large, complex, and
unmaintainable, without some kind of updating plan.

So, how will you update this work in a year? Two years? Five years?

- Serge

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