[Imports] SASA bus stops import

Jason Remillard remillard.jason at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 19:36:41 UTC 2013


> But my biggest concern is this:
> "This is a manual one-time-import. JOSM will be used for checking,
> validation, conflation and upload of the data. "

This import from the summer was supposed to have some simple
conflation code written, it was for electric charging stations, which
are not all that different than a bus stops, since they are both point


The code is here (I have not used it before, don't know if it works or not...).


Perhaps this might save you some time. A 1,000 features is 100% doable
manually. However, if you can automate simple cases (bus stop 100%
missing from OSM), then you can afford to spend more time on the
situations that are harder to automate, the overall quality of the
import will be higher.


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