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Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 03:32:32 UTC 2014

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Hi, Jason:

Sorry for the delay answering. I've been travelling for the last 6 days.

Sure, we'll keep the tags of the roads that are in OSM already, and
contact in case we have to change them. In any case, people that will
do the import are from the area, so they will know what tag is the best.


On 19/08/14 02:44, Jason Remillard wrote:
> Hi Rafael,
> Everything looks ok except ... you should look at the surface tags
> on the OSM ways you are going to keep and it does not have a
> surface tag, transfer the imported surface tag, leaving the rest of
> the way alone. If the OSM surface tag exists and conflicts, message
> the osm author and try to figure out what tag should be kept in
> OSM.
> Thanks Jason
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 2:49 PM, Rafael Avila Coya
> <ravilacoya at gmail.com> wrote: Hi all:
> eHealth Africa has released a set of data for Kaduna State. They
> are 3 files: one for roads, another of water lines (streams and
> rivers) and the last one for water bodies (riverbanks, lakes,
> wetlands, etc.).
> The file for roads covers more than 83,000 thousand km of roads, 
> tracks, paths, etc.
> Main issues:
> 1) They come with only the information about the surface. 2) The
> ways are segmented and need to be joined and tagged according to
> Bing imagery (most of Kaduna is covered by Bing [1]). 3) They are
> disaligned against Bing. The proposal is to align them to Bing, but
> comments specially about this issue are most welcome.
> I've written the import wiki [2] and the import detailed workflow
> [3], where you have all links and information.
> Points 1) and 2) will make the (manual) import not much faster (if
> at all faster) than standard remote mapping, but would have the
> (big) advantage of not missing the access to almost any hamlet,
> making the whole result much more complete.
> Thank you in advance for any input,
> Rafael Ávila Coya.
> [1] Kaduna Bing coverage: 
> http://umap.fluv.io/en/map/north-and-central-nigeria-bing-hires-imagery-cover_1580#7/10.536/8.624
[2] Import wiki:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import_eHealth_Africa_Kaduna_State_Roads
[3] Hackpad with Import Workflow:
> https://hackpad.com/Kaduna-Roads-Water-Lines-and-Polygons-import-c5HwhZqfQ3n
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