[Imports] Portland, OR building and address import

Darrell Fuhriman darrell at garnix.org
Thu Dec 4 17:55:26 UTC 2014

>  What are people who are hand-editing addresses doing?  What's the
>  best practice in manual mapping?  (You should follow suit.)

Well, it seems that addr:unit is is the preferred tag. In my limited experience, it seems to be more popular with businesses than with residential buildings. That makes perfect sense, and is a good thing to have for POIs, business listings, etc.. It’s arguably less valuable for many residential purposes, though the one you describe is a good example of where it is valuable.

In our Phase 1, we are intentionally not handling the multiple-building, multiple-address per parcel case. Where we do have unit addresses, they’re most likely to be in residential towers, etc.

The phase 2 (3?), multiple address, multiple building case will be much of more a manual process “identify and manually assign” than a semi-automated one.

> What does your data look like in particular cases, especially ones that
> might match my last question?

There is no one answer to that, a lot of it seems to depend on the government agent providing the data to Metro. In some cases address points with units seem to correspond quite closely to physical location (typical in the city of Portland). In others, there might just be 100+ address points at the centroid of the parcel, regardless of the number of units or buildings (in Clackamas county). 

That’s partially why we’re intending to make that process much more manual. (I’m looking forward to the weekend bike ride/address mapping/brew pub visiting parties.)


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