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Orchards are more for trees and shrubs AFAIK.

While hop plants are something special. Hop plants completely disappear in
the winter, only the roots remain. But they grow bigger every next summer
(hop can grow at a rate of 10cm per day).

Here you see a summer hop garden:
And the same in the winter:

Because of the lack of plants in the winter, I doubt that it would classify
as an orchard.

The correct term for it would be a hop garden or a hop field, which could
be tagged in several ways.

* landuse=farmfield + crop=hop (may be strange due to the more or less
permanent poles and wires visible on hop fields)
* landuse=hop_garden
* landuse=hop_field

Since landuse=hop_garden seems to be used more, I'd go with that.


2014-12-12 13:00 GMT+01:00 Pavel Machek <pavel at ucw.cz>:
> Hi!
> > Glen, thank you for sharing your experience!
> >
> > Yes, we did spend sime time already figuring out the proper tags and were
> > wondering if we should continue with refining details (pointless if the
> > features would not be imported).
> >
> > I am familiar with produce/trees/crop/species sub tags and we do plan to
> > preserve this info where present (olive trees, hop garden, vine plant
> > nursery...). The unresolved issue is that source contains 2 types of
> > orchards:
> > - id=1222: domestic, garden-like, non-dense, with few older, not
> purposely
> > planted, but casually taken care-of various fruit trees around houses and
> > - id=1221: intensively cared for, larger areas of young, regularly pruned
> > trees of same species planted in rows after rows. Includes fruit, berries
> > and nuts
> > I was conidering landuse=plantation for the later one, but that tag is
> not
> > widely used, nor documented well. Is there an established
> > alternative?
> It seems both are orchards, so they should be marked as such, and
> further specify orchard type with additional tag...
> Like orchard_intensive=yes/no?
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