[Imports] Slovenia - Landuse import questions

malenki osm_ at malenki.ch
Fri Dec 12 22:42:07 UTC 2014

On Fri, 12 Dec 2014 09:23:27 +1300,
Glen Barnes wrote:
> > 
> > b) import everything except "built-up and similar" even if tagging
> > is not perfect (including hop gardens, bare rock alpine areas etc,
> > some not even being rendered yet, invent (sub)tags if needed, makes
> > some unmapped roads nicely visible as strips of unused land, covers
> > 95% of country)
> This is where I would spend a lot of time working through all the
> possible tags and coming up with the best approach for each layer. 
> […]
> You may also have some specific types of landform that is unique to
> your area/culture. We did make up some new tag - For example we have
> pa sites in NZ which are unique to our country and none of the other
> historic tags really fit well. You should probably document these new
> tags on the OSM wiki.
> In short if there is relevant content that can be imported it is
> better to go a bit deeper in tagging rather than lighter. 

Not being an "Importer" but long time contributor I agree to this one.

Additionally, I like the idea that the import will be done by hand (if
I read correctly). When all involved importing mappers do a good job
this will avoid a lot of issues mechanical imports inflict.

When you write a HowTo for the manual import process you must not
forget to mention the tool "replace geometry" from the plugin
Using this the users don't need to delete a lot of existing landuses.
On similar occasions users deleted "by accident" highways and
other stuff without realising. I only discovered that because a QA site
complained about street names of a town went missing.

Some musings on the workflow I used in similar situations:
* Use JOSM with the Plugins todo and utilsplugin2
* Open a file with landuses to import.
* search for type:way
* add the result to the todo list
* download OSM data
* double click the first item of the todo list
* have a look if near the landuse to import a landuse alreomasady exists
** if yes: check if the existing needs to be replaced by the new one for
   better accuracy
*** if yes: select both old and new landuse; apply "replace geometry"
	    – in the menu Tools 2 –> Replace Geometry
	    or press ctrl-shift-G
	    check tags for correctness¹
*** if not: check if tags of the landuse to import need
to be copied to the existing landuse


¹ useful: in the advanced settings set
TagConflictResolver.showTagsWithConflictsOnly to false
With this setup JOSM shows all tags which will be used on the resulting
way when replacing a geometry. You can keep or drop them.

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