[Imports] Import of addresses in Poland

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 4 19:52:54 UTC 2014


On 04.02.2014 20:44, Adam Williamson wrote:
> So, when I get time to work on my proposal again, I'm going to look at
> the possibilities for providing the same data not directly within OSM,
> but in geocoding layers that are commonly associated with OSM.
> Of course, naturally, I wonder if there are standards/conventions for
> this.

There aren't standards but there's a precursor - Nominatim actually
contains code to convert US TIGER address data into an OSM file and
then, in a second step, import that OSM file into its local database in
addition to the "proper" OSM data. I think there's also code that makes
sure that house numbers in OSM take precedence to the "background" TIGER

I think it is probably not impossible to have a repository of ready-made
OSM files with house numbers for various areas, and anyone setting up
Nominatim could select the files for whatever areas they're interested
in. I don't know however if this would require a clever way to deal with
node ID ranges to avoid clashes.


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