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Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Tue Feb 4 22:30:14 UTC 2014

What I see increasingly happening is that local government geodatabases are
getting better and better: to the point where it gets really hard to argue
for using anything else.

That's not every data set, and not every place.

But it points to the tension:* 'Is OpenStreetMap meant to be made, or meant
to be used?'.*  If you're in the camp that focuses on the greatest
usability you'd want more imports, and more *synchronization* of imports
over time.

If you're in the community building camp, then the tension is palpable.
 But keep in mind there are plenty of fun things to map and discover that
will never be in a municipal database. An alternate world where OSM started
with a near perfect base map of the entire world, and just added 'other
stuff', still could be an interesting world to map in.


The question of control does come up, as Serge outlines here:
In the case of municipal imports you're often dealing with the actual
authority in question, and the issue of control is less pointed.
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