[Imports] Import of addresses in Poland

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 09:50:38 UTC 2014

On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 8:49 AM, Jaak Laineste (Nutiteq)
<jaak at nutiteq.com> wrote:
> Geonames.org could be good candidate. Yes, it is a lot of work, but actually less than using OSM as repo for database merges; this is for sure what OSM is not about.

So, to summarise, you are writing in the "imports" OSM mailing list
that you are against imports in OSM ;-)
The question is more to know if address data is something valuable for
OSM  or not. We could move it to a separate database as you suggest.
We could also move building footprints, 3d modeling, in-house,
coastlines, turn restrictions, landuse, etc into separate databases.
Then each application could decide which datasets they need, merge
them, check their consistency (e.g. the address corresponds to the
place and street name, or landuse corresponds to the buildings) and,
if they are lucky, at the end, everything will fit together. Of
course, the community already answered to that question : it's much
easier to do this merge and consistency check only once for all
consumers in the same database. If someone find a mistake or something
outdated, it is fixed once and for all consumers at the same time.
The question about keeping the data up-to-date is a general challenge
in OSM, not only for data imported. I found enough outdated shops or
restaurants manually mapped to get that. When a country or a
municipality is publishing and opening its address database, it's also
not falling from the sky. This data is also the result of many
contributors, skilled workers, collecting and keeping the data
up-to-date (at least, trying to). If you ever mapped housenumbers
manually, you would know how painful and slow this task is. To achieve
this manually by communities survey, it would take decades for OSM. If
addresses are released in open licences by public authorities, it
would be foolish to not take this opportunity to considerably speed-up
the task.


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