[Imports] Value of imports in general

Johan C osmned at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 21:27:33 UTC 2014

Well, I'm not sure a new mapper will have a bad experience in The
Netherlands. There hasn't been any signal yet apart from yours. Will
editing in Nantes (associatedStreet relations on address nodes) in your
opinion create a bad experience for a new mapper?

2014-02-06 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:

> Hi,
> On 06.02.2014 20:16, Johan C wrote:
> > Dear Frederik, I find myself having some difficulty to understand  the
> > way you are addressing imports. There seem to be two camps now. And,
> > while the Dutch import tries to get as many local people as possible
> > involved (7 at the moment, and that's still just the number of beta
> > testers), you refer to that import as a bad one.
> I have not specifically mentioned "the Dutch import" and frankly I am
> not 100% sure what the status of that import is.
> What I am sure about is:
> I have recently been to a city in the Netherlands, I mapped a little, I
> saw stacks of house numbers that were difficult to handle and tagged as
> coming from an import. That's all, but that is a fact - I wasn't editing
> in some beta testing database, I was editing as a guest mapper in OSM,
> just like any new mapper would.
> A new mapper signing up and editing in the area where I edited *will*
> have a bad experience, there's no doubt about that. In that area where I
> edited, a bad import is making things difficult for new mappers - that's
> all I said, and that's a fact. It may only be valid for that small area
> which by coincidence was your beta test area - but will a new mapper
> know "ah, OSM isn't that difficult to edit normally, this is just
> because I accidentally landed in an import beta test area"?
> It is a real possibility that someone signs up, tries to edit there,
> finds it a horrible experience, quits, and writes a blog entry about how
> shit OSM is. And yes, we can then say "wait a moment, this was just our
> testing area and it isn't that bad everywhere and we're only just
> recruiting more people to get the import right" or whatever but will it
> help that guy's impression?
> Bye
> Frederik
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