[Imports] addresses in powiat sulęciński (Poland)

Zbigniew Czernik zbigniew at openstreetmap.pl
Fri Feb 7 00:21:44 UTC 2014

W dniu 06.02.2014 19:20, Marcin Wasilewski pisze:
> Dear Frederik Ramm and Imports Community,
> I'll be very happy to have addressability for municipality:
> Krzeszyce,
> Lubniewice,
> Słońsk,
> Sulęcin
> inside OS. As you can easily check I'm the only one community member
> in near neighborhood (in Gorzów Wielkopolski). I'm really not
> interested in putting that address data manually into database,
> especially when they could be imported. I would like to avoid doing it
> myself, mostly because it involve reading long and not so interesting
> import guidelines, only for one import. So if you don't have any
> objections I would like to ask Zbigniew to made that import with 100%
> support from local community.
> Regards
> Marcin Wasilewski (radmar in OSM)

Hey Marcin (and others)

I just prepared Lubniewice municipality. Review please this file:

In this file exists 4 addresses with addr:city=Lubniewice, but without
addr:street tag. I have added fixme= tag to those nodes. You should
determine street for this address after upload (or before).

Give me a feedback after checking this file.

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