[Imports] Odp: Re: [osm-pl] Odp: Re: addresses in powiat sulęciński (Poland)

Hejka musztarda59 at wp.pl
Wed Feb 12 18:35:07 UTC 2014

Dnia Wtorek, 11 Lutego 2014 22:21 Zbigniew Czernik <zbigniew at openstreetmap.pl> napisał(a)
> W dniu 11.02.2014 21:23, Hejka pisze:
> > Dnia Wtorek, 11 Lutego 2014 19:11 Zbigniew Czernik <zbigniew at openstreetmap.pl> napisał(a)
> >> W dniu 11.02.2014 18:21, Hejka pisze:
> >>> Dnia Poniedziałek, 10 Lutego 2014 21:53 Zbigniew Czernik <zbigniew at openstreetmap.pl> napisał(a)
> >>>> W dniu 10.02.2014 20:25, Hejka pisze:
> >>>>> Dnia Piątek, 7 Lutego 2014 22:49 Zbigniew Czernik <zbigniew at openstreetmap.pl> napisał(a)
> >>>>>> W dniu 07.02.2014 01:21, Zbigniew Czernik pisze:
> >>>>>>> W dniu 06.02.2014 19:20, Marcin Wasilewski pisze:
> >>>>>>>> Dear Frederik Ramm and Imports Community,I'll be very happy to have addressability for municipality: Krzeszyce,Lubniewice,Słońsk,Sulęcin inside OS. As you can easily check I'm the only one community member in near neighborhood (in Gorzów Wielkopolski). I'm really not interested in putting that address data manually into database, especially when they could be imported. I would like to avoid doing it myself, mostly because it involve reading long and not so interesting import
> > guidelines,
> >>>>> only for one import. So if you don't have any objections I would like to ask Zbigniew to made that import with 100% support from local community.Regards Marcin Wasilewski (radmar in OSM)
> >>>>>>>  Hey Marcin (and others)
> >>>>>>>
> >>>>>>>  I just prepared Lubniewice municipality. Review please this file: http://zibi.openstreetmap.org.pl/importy/lubniewice_numerki.osm
> >>>>>>>
> >>>>>>>  In this file exists 4 addresses with addr:city=Lubniewice, but without addr:street tag. I have added fixme= tag to those nodes. You should determine street for this address after upload (or before).
> >>>>>>>
> >>>>>>>  Give me a feedback after checking this file.
> >>>>>>>
> >>>>>>>  Cheers
> >>>>>>  Hi
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>  Next municipality (Sulęcin) is ready to import: http://zibi.openstreetmap.org.pl/importy/sulecin-after-merging.osm
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>  Cheers
> >>>>> Hi,
> >>>>> Before you continue with your imports, could you spend a moment and answer all the emails with questions you've been send on the mailing list?
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Thanks,
> >>>>> T
> >>>> What questions do you mean?
> >>>  https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports/2014-February/002865.html
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >> 
> >> Mr Hejka (or musztarda).
> >> 
> >> I'm not interested in this matter.
> >> 
> >> Bye
> >> 
> > So, what's the point of your posting here? Seriously, if you don't care about community's feedback and questions, why bother notifying anyone? Just go ahead and import your data then...
> >
> > "Bye"
> Mr Hejka
> I don't know what is your problem... If you want import these data (city
> halls and post offices from iMPA), go ahead. You can write own script,
> fetch data, discuss with others about import, and so on.
> Why are you writing me e-mails on this? As I wrote in previous e-mail -
> I'm not interested in import of this kind of data.
> Maybe you should ask on our forum?

Dear Sir or Madam,
You were deliberately ignoring my emails, when you are pointed to the messages, your answer is that you don't care about the question. Now you state I have some kind of a problem? Seriously?

You have somehow mastered processing and importing "iMPA" data. I thought the motivation behind it was improving quality of the map and community involvement. It seemed to me that with only a little bit more of an effort you might increase significantly the value of your imports. That's why I asked you the questions. I don't see why asking you on your forum might give a different answer than asking you here.

Nevertheless, now it looks to me that those imports are more about earning some kind of glory, bumping edit stats or maybe making yourself some kind of community guru. It explains why you won't go the extra mile. Anyway, they say you should not look a gift horse in the mouth, so it's nice your doing those imports. Good luck!


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