[Imports] CzechAddress Import

Petr Vejsada osm at propsychology.cz
Thu Feb 27 23:51:27 UTC 2014

Hi, All,

Dne Čt 27. února 2014 18:14:23, Saikrishna Arcot napsal(a):

> Nominatim is using the nearest street with a name as the street name.
> Therefore, you need to search for "129, 261, Libochovany".

thank you for the comment. In villages or towns, where are named streets, it's 
no problem. The query is usually "<placename> <streetname> <housenumber>". 
Roads are numbered, but no one knows the number of the road, so no one put the 
roadnumber into the query. I think, in U,S, are street numbered often a people 
used to use those numbers, but not in Europe. In Czech republic and probably 
in whole Europe, road number is not a part of address, so it's practically 
unusable for searching. It's interesting suggestion for alteration of the 
Nominatim's search algorithm. In places (villages, small towns) without named 
streets, the query us usually "<placename> <housenumber>". In this case and 
without tag addr:place=, Nominatim fails. It's culture difference.


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