[Imports] [Imports-us] Address Data Import for Fulton County, Georgia

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 22:08:11 UTC 2014


I understand your enthusiasm for wanting to have address points for Fulton
County, Georgia, but before you start uploading, we need to examine a few

1. What is the license for this data?

I was unable to download the data that was linked to from the wiki page.
You have a statement saying that's it's OSM compatible, but the specifics
are important- and in this case the county seems to require registration.
They can do so, but then you (or someone else) need to legally be able to
host the data- we don't want to require OSMers to sign up to evaluate this

2. Address Points

The second concern I have is that this is just a plain raw address dataset.
We've discussed those before and I think it's safe to say that they're
somewhat controversial. They're better than nothing, but often very
difficult to work with, and when we have building footprints, there's going
to be enormous work to conflate them.

It would be much better if the conflation step was done before upload. Do
you think it's possible to get building footprint data from the government?

3. The Conversion

 There are tags in the dataset which do not make any sense, such as
STATUS=A and FILEVER, none of the tags have been lowercased, none of the
addresses have been name expanded. All of this needs to be cleaned up and
corrected before the data could be added to OSM.

4. There's no mention in your wiki page about updates and any update process

You have a good start here, but you have a lot to do before the import is
ready to officially propose.

- Serge
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