[Imports] Import UNICEF data in Central African Republic, act II

Severin MENARD severin.menard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 22:34:50 UTC 2014

So, I start this new email thread, hoping this can start a discussion. In
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/CAR_Imports are listed the three UNICEF
datasets. To facilitate the review, I will present the slight changes
compared to what had been presented and approved in 2012, and copy/paste
what I already explained in previous emails:
- fixme with geodata as a quality check had been approved (or not seen) but
I prefer to take it away as it seems to make problems
- *source*
>   source:UNICEF,2012 would be tagged per object. Wold be really
interesting to
>   have such a tag as a minimum of metadata, but I know that, IMHO  unfortunately,
the trend is to put a source tag to the changeset (good
>   idea, but of course only if everything in the changeset comes from the
>   same source) and remove any source tag per object (very regretful for
>   the metadata by object; means almost any OSM data extract another
>   formats will not have any source for the data)
- *admin boundaries names*
> Here Once again, this is for quality check during and after the imports.
When these facilities are located in small villages, it is frequent their
names do not exist yet
> neither in OSM, nor in GNS. So the information in addr:city cannot be
cross checked with existing data. I had a few examples of such locations
with admin level
> information totally different of where they were supposed to be. If the
someone processing the import misses this, we have potentially a double
mistake: the place
> name and the facility. Please keep in mind it deals with humanitarian
data in a big crisis context, so it is important to have the possibility to
cross checked facilities
> incorrectly located, not only when the import has been done.

One thing to also keep in mind is taht this import is around 3,300 nodes,
therefore it is a very light dataset and adding a few tags really useful
for data control, considering its humanitarian ground, would only represent
a few more Kb.



On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 6:11 PM, Paul Norman <penorman at mac.com> wrote:

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> > Subject: Re: [Imports] CAR Activation; experienced mappers to finish the
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> > Paul,
> >
> > I took you only 24 hours in December to stop this import. I would
> > appreciate the same speed to help us solving the issue(s) you identified
> > for this import that has humanitarian benefits. Can you please answer to
> > my last email in order we fix the tags and proceed again?
> As I indicated in
> https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports/2014-January/002512.html
> the step after my email is to propose what you want to do on the
> imports@ mailing list and to the local community, same as if you were
> proposing a new import.
> I would suggest doing this in a new email topic where you outline the
> changes you want to make to the import vs. what was proposed, because
> this one has been about the block and it's getting hard to follow.
> It is up to you to consult adequately and ensure that there is a
> consensus around continuing the import with the changes, and this is not
> something that I would normally get involved in *as a DWG member*.
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