[Imports] [Imports-us] Address Data Import for Fulton County, Georgia

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 13:05:42 UTC 2014


You've made some big improvements to the wiki- thank you.

I think we still have a ways to go before this is ready to be vetted
in depth- we have a few big issues, as I see it (and I'm sure others
will jump in with their own):

1. The license issue is still unresolved

I looked at the pdf you mentioned. The distribution statement appears
to be for the document itself, the "Standards and Definitions for the
Driveway / Access Point Address File", rather than the actual data
itself, which I can't find. I looked in the shapefile metadata xml
file, and I looked at the disclaimer.txt, but neither contained what
I'd consider to be any sort of definitive information on distribution.
Without explicit distribution permissions, the default stance of
copyright in the US is that information from a non-federal agency is
subject to copyright and thus not distributable. In other words,
unless they give explicit permission, the default position in the US
is that all information is held under copyright and thus cannot be

The rest of my feedback is on the assumption that this issue can be
straightened out. If it can't be, then obviously nothing else here

2. Building outlines

The amount of data that a naked address point adds to OSM is very low,
and the amount of data that a tagless building outline provides is
very low- but combine the two and you get something of very high
value, so I would encourage you to strongly pursue getting the
building outlines before focusing on the other issues.

3. Tags

You did a great job in the wiki page of explaining what tags will and
won't be going into your final file that we'll evaluate. One step
better (and eventually necessary) is to have the converted OSM, with
all the changes applied to it, ready for review.

Of course I want to encourage you to integrate building outlines into
this data, which will obviously effect the issue of tags.

4. Conflation

I think the issue of conflation needs a little more consideration, but
again, if you're able to get building outlines, the conflation process
will change radically, so I think it's best not to focus there.

- Serge

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