[Imports] Piedmont- Secondary Highway - Relation

Tiziano Gedda dufour85 at libero.it
Fri Jan 10 11:01:52 UTC 2014

Dear all, 
my name is Tiziano and I usually map near Ivrea (Piedmont, Italy). 
I noticed that the Piedmont Region released a dataset, called "Grafo Viabilità” (also visible here), about the majority of its regional highway. 
I’m interested in completing the information about the relations of the English equivalent for the Italian “Strada Provinciale” (Secondary highway I suppose).
I would like to know if I could manually import data from that database that has a CC-BY 2.5 license.
I didn’t import data before but I’m trying to follow the wiki guidelines so please tell me how I should proceed.

Best regards
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