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Saikrishna Arcot saiarcot895 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 19:22:35 UTC 2014

In this case, I'll work on matching up the addresses with the postal
city names.

Saikrishna Arcot

On 01/13/2014 01:28 PM, Richard Welty wrote:
> On 1/13/14 11:05 AM, Carl Anderson wrote:
>> Looking at the wiki for addresses
>> (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Address), addr:city is intended to
>> hold the postal community and not the legal municipal name.
>> 911 and 311 call centers struggle with this problem all the time in
>> that frequently, multiple locale names are in use and valid for a
>> location.  The authoritativeness or correctness of a name has to be
>> judged in the context in which it is used.
> this is a big can which contains many worms.
> as far as i know, when e911 was set up in NY, the enhanced 911
> addresses were conformed to the postal addresses (and new postal
> addresses were assigned as the old RR system was retired.)
> so from my perspective, i favor conforming our addressing to the
> postal/e911 standard as i understand it.
> this is potentially very confusing. for example, the Schenectady post
> office (city of schenectady in the county of schenectady) delivers
> mail to a number of addresses in the town of colonie (in albany
> county NY.) first responders will come from the appropriate
> department in Albany County (unless something really bad is going
> on.)
> and for a given post office, they may accept mail for more than
> one community name, reflecting historical communities for which
> there is no legal standing but some cultural standing. for
> example, in my old neighborhood in Troy NY, mail could be
> addressed to me both for Troy and for Lansingburgh, even
> though the independent city of Lansingburgh ceased to exist
> about 100 years ago.
> richard
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