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Aggrey Muhebwa muhebwa.grey at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 15:07:07 UTC 2014

Hello folks,

Following Ketty's proposal for the Uganda
i decided to start by running the shape file for one district (specifically
dokolo district), but for some reason, the generated .osm file has
<way>....<.way> instead of <relation>...</relation>. Somewhere, she
indicates that of 112 districts, only a couple of them are being
processed!! Could it be an issue of wrong data in the shape file that is
being fed to the ogr2osm.py script??

More to that, along the iway in the discussion, someone(my apologies for
not mentioning the name) states that there should be a work-around to that,
but that's unclear, given the fact that the ogr2osm.py algorithm follows
specific steps (and it doesn't seem to be handling checks for worst case
scenarios), then it will always give you wrong output if you feed it wrong
imput.. (garbage in, garbage out..).

My proposal is to make sure that the shape file at the input is correct. is
there any way of validating the shape file before running it through the
script ?.


Yours Faithfully
Aggrey  Muhebwa
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