[Imports] Dutch addresses and buildings import - how to deal with addresses in apartments

Johan C osmned at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 22:31:35 UTC 2014

Hi all

last November the Dutch addresses and buildings import has been discussed
on this list. Since then alpha testing has been done in December by two
people and after a new years meeting seven members of the Dutch
OpenStreetMap community are currently beta testing a JOSM plugin which is
performing the preprocessing (conversion of the original BAG database into
the agreed tagging, simplifying building outlines and eliminating about 99%
of the crossing buildings errors) and which is capable of loading data into
JOSM by selecting a polygon. Early March we hope to roll it out and get as
much as possible local knowledge in for importing, in order to increase the
number of active mappers in The Netherlands.

Some days ago Paul checked a testimport and stumbled across the JOSM
validator warning 'Nodes at same position'. An example can be seen here:
The Vermeertoren (named after the famous Dutch painter) is a typical Dutch
high rise building of 23 floors, combining an underground parking garage, a
health care center, a child care center (kindergarten), social and luxury
housing. That means a lot of addresses in one building. The address data as
available in the official database (the BAG) combines several different
addresses into a single LAT/LON coordinate. The WIKI on multiple addresses
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Addresses is not very clear on this
Buildings with multiple house numbers

[image: Ambox warning
is currently no consensus on this.

This matter has not been addressed in the November proposal, since I was
not aware of it at the time. But given the WIKI we later decided that our
import method would be okay. Biggest problems are that JOSM displays a
warning (Nodes at same position) and that the display of addresses on
Mapnik is not very nice. Perhaps the proposal as being made on this page
give a better solution. Then again, the Dutch community does not feel that
the chosen solution is wrong. These addresses can be found in Nominatim and
anyone using a Geofabrik extract will have correct addresses for any
purpose (like routing).

Please share your thoughts on this. If you don't agree with the Dutch
community, then please also share the problem you have with the chosen

Cheers, Johan
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