[Imports] [Imports-us] Address Data Import for Fulton County, Georgia

Saikrishna Arcot saiarcot895 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 16:50:48 UTC 2014

For the record, I took a quick look at the converted data (after
processing and all) in JOSM, and the address data seems fairly accurate
(at least in midtown Atlanta). There are a few points that are
half-a-house over and some building that have two points, but mostly all
points seem to be located correctly.

A slightly bigger issue I'm seeing is POIs and buildings that have an
addr:housenumber, but no addr:street, which makes it difficult to
determine what street the building is on and to detect that as an
existing address. In the Atlanta region, there are a few
<http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/1Zd> that can probably be manually handled.
Currently, I'm ignoring anything that has an addr:housenumber but no
addr:street, but this will cause some duplicate data.

As a status update, I can generate a sample OsmChange file after running
it through my application, but it does very few checks to see if the
address is located at a reasonable location. I've attached a sample file
for review so far. _Note that addr:city is missing._ _/
I'll get in touch with the Fulton County GIS to see if they can allow
the building footprint data to be used in OSM. However, I don't see how
the tax parcel data can help in OSM.

/Saikrishna Arcot/

On 01/09/2014 11:08 AM, Serge Wroclawski wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Clifford Snow
> <clifford at snowandsnow.us <mailto:clifford at snowandsnow.us>> wrote:
>     I agree with Martijn. Addresses add real value to OSM. With an
>     address node, routing works better, adding POI information is
>     easier, and it aids disaster recovery work. I'll admit, building
>     outlines look nice and alone they aid mappers adding POIs and also
>     can be used in disaster recovery work. So each adds value. 
>     About the disaster recovery work. I had a conversation with a CERT
>     member last week. He was frustrated using address interpolation to
>     plan for response efforts. He would love to see address nodes added.
> Let's not confuse addresses as raw nodes with no addresses.
> That's a bit like me saying a healthy meal is better than junk food,
> and the response being that junk food is better than no food. It's not
> what I'm saying.
> The issues with address points are:
> 1. They're often in the wrong places. You just don't know it until you
> have building footprints to compare it to.
> 2. There's not a whole lot of data about addresses being updated
> 3. (as was brought up in the NYC building point discussion) There's no
> code that I'm aware of that correctly parses address points inside
> building polyogons in such a way that non-addressed POIs get the
> address attributes.
> 4. If geolocation is the issue (which it seems to be), then we could
> feed that data to the geolocator directly, rather than placing it in OSM.
> - Serge
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