[Imports] Import of 27 administrative boundaries in central/southern Nigeria

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Thu May 1 01:05:09 UTC 2014

A few comments on tagging


source:url duplicates the source data. I can understand the desire for
source and source:date, but do they provide additional value over the tags
on the changeset?


land_area=administrative is not a documented tag, nor commonly used. I'd
suggest dropping it.


We need the license for the data documented. This could be the email (with
headers) or other document outlining the terms under which the data can be
used. Upload it to the wiki.


How are you consulting with the local community about this import? 


From: Frank Salet [mailto:frank.salet at ehealthnigeria.org] 
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 8:41 AM
To: imports at openstreetmap.org
Subject: [Imports] Import of 27 administrative boundaries in
central/southern Nigeria


Hi list,


[This message is concerning part two (out of two) of importing
administrative boundaries for Nigeria]


eHealth Africa Foundation has different kind of geographical data that has
just been released with an ODbL compatible license. The license is the HOT
letter of authorisation that many of you probably know already.

Some data is probably very interesting to be imported. Among these data, we
have the boundaries of all Local Government Areas (LGA's) for 27 states of
central/southern Nigeria. The country is divided in 36 states plus the
Federal District of Abuja, and each state divided further in a total of 774
LGA's (equivalent to districts). In contrast to part one of importing
administrative boundaries, we don't have boundaries on ward level for
central/southern Nigeria.


The current boundaries in OSM, the ones that origin from MapLibrary, are
assessed by the mapping specialists of eHealth Africa, and are found to be
incorrect and not complete. For example, the boundary of Kano state is
missing a large area in the south, where three LGA's are mistakenly given to
Kaduna state. Regarding the LGA's we noticed that only for a few of them a
polygon was drawn. 


The eHealth Africa data is originally in Shapefile format. It is easily
converted to .osm with the JOSM OpenData plugin. With an ad-hoc script we
can convert the areas to relations, and add the corresponding tags. Then, we
would import these data state by state, replacing the existing Maplibrary
data. All the process would be carefully validated before being uploaded to
the OSM database. As there are 27 states involved, the import would
therefore consist of 27 changesets in total.


We have written a wiki explaining the process, and we would appreciate
comments/evaluation from the community before we proceed with the import:


About eHealth Africa Foundation

eHealth Systems Africa Foundation (eHealth Africa) is a nongovernmental
organization (NGO) dedicated to improving health care in developing
countries through strengthening health workers and the systems that support
them. eHealth Africa works towards this goal by creating sustainable eHealth
and mHealth systems, providing technology infrastructure, performing
training and capacity building workshops, publishing research on our work in
Africa, and by providing consulting and support for other organizations
working on health care in Africa. Based in Santa Ana, California, in the
United States, eHealth Africa's main office is located in Kano, Nigeria.


About the polio eradication programme

eHealth Africa is supporting polio eradication in Northern Nigeria. A GIS is
being deployed in Nigeria to help health workers collect data and target
specific areas for immunization efforts in the fight to eradicate polio.
High resolution satellite imagery has been used as a basis to map the
communities. This work is currently mapping communities in ten Northern
States. Subsequently vaccination teams will use the GIS to locate the
communities. Using GPS technology the whereabouts of the vaccination teams
are monitored and inputted into GIS to cross-check the mapped communities
with the visited settlements. By doing that the GIS is updated with "missed"
communities and the vaccination teams are guided.


About the geo-data

In 2011 the programme started in the 8 northern states of Nigeria (namely
Kano, Borno, Yobe, Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Jigawa and Kebbi), and the area
has been expanded after that with another 2 states (namely Bauchi and
Kaduna). Using high resolution satellite imagery and manual extraction of
the features currently most of the states are finished mapping, while the
rest is being worked on by the GIS department of eHealth Africa (consisting
of around 20 GIS specialists). The mapping activities are focused on the
collection and marking of each and every settlement in the whole area, since
that information is required to provide polio immunization to the complete
population. Besides mapping and naming all the settlements, the
administrative boundaries are mapped as well as the roads, rivers, water
bodies, health facilities, schools, mosques, wells, markets and more.


Kind regards,



Frank Salet


GIS Manager

eHealth Systems Africa



25 Race Course Road, Kano, Nigeria

mobile: (NG) 0809-9850211

            (US) 714-627-9289

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