[Imports] Japan, KSJ2 municipality administrative boundary re-import

Satoshi IIDA nyampire at gmail.com
Sat May 10 04:13:45 UTC 2014

Hello list,

I'm planning re-import, refinement of administrative boundary data of Japan.
Target admin level is 4-8. (prefecture to city/town/village.)

Here is my proposal page and I would like to get your feedback.


# Motivation & Summary
Most of administrative boundary is broken in Japan area.
So it is causing problems to some activity like statistics, research and

# Why replace?
See wiki for details.

# Got local consensus?
Yes, I've already told to Talk-ja ML & got agreement.
Some of existing boundary data is fixed by other mappers already. (mainly
around Tokyo area.)
So I need check if existing data of target area is broken or not before
replacement, and do proper intergration.

# Data sample

note: I'll create once again with new data (which will be published around
the end of May.)
"Ways with 2000 over Nodes" will be fixed in that time.

# Dedicated account.
I created an account "KSJ2_adm_bnd_imprt", but after my registration, it
was suspended.
I'm telling to osm.org webmaster if it could be activated.
Or I would like to create another dedicated account.


Satoshi IIDA
mail: nyampire at gmail.com
twitter: @nyampire
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