[Imports] Buildings & Address in Washington, DC, USA.

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Tue May 27 03:16:26 UTC 2014

On May 26, 2014 10:12 PM, "Serge Wroclawski" <emacsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Aaron,
> Your memory on the NYC import differs from mine. I recall the  major
> cause of stopping was not a technical issue- it was that MapBox
> employees were importing recklessly (for a lack of a better word) ,
> and it was also due to lack of transparency by MapBox on the import
> being done by paid mappers who were not in NYC, but were in Brazil.
> The NYC building import being done by remote mappers has had a number
> of negative effects.

I must assume were learned and this will not be the case this time. (i

> Firstly, it's had a negative impact on the OSM community in NYC by
> basically taking the wind out of our sails. OSM NYC was gaining
> community interested in doing the import, but as soon as the paid
> mappers worked full force, we saw a drastic reduction in community
> participation. In addition, it had a major blow to our enthusiasm, me
> included.

Regret that. :(

If fact, I signed up to organise a mapping party in NYC this upcoming
weekend at wikiconference usa. (in the same neighborhood where I mapped

Seeing all the stuff related, honestly I am not very enthusiastic now to
organise the mapping party. I will wait and see now what the interest is
from attendees and if they really want, I might do it. Otherwise, happy to
skip it this time.

> Secondly, I'm still finding problems by the Brazilian digitizers, and
> they do not respond to OSM messages, comments on their notes, or the
> github that OSMers were instructed to use in leu of using standard OSM
> communication methods. The only thing that I've found that they do
> respond to consistently is being blocked by the DWG. That kind of lack
> of communication hits me the wrong way.
> While the data quality of the NYC import may be good (I can't know for
> sure),

I cant tell myself. The GIS data itself must be quite good but equally or
more important is how it is integrated with the osm data. From what I see
in NYC, I am not convinced its so great.

For DC, integrating the data is the key part.

I am convinced that having the mapping dc community handle the tasks (via
task manager to coordinate ) is the right approach.

Have the folks on the mapping dc mailing list been informed yet?  I am
happy to make the connection if needed.

the damage to the community in NYC has been quite strong.
> In addition to the NYC comparison- I'm still awaiting the answers that
> Katie and I asked earlier in the weekend,

I dont necessarily expect answers on holiday weekend. (although given the
timeline on the wiki, maybe I should expect)

and I'd like to add that
> this plan does not address any question of ongoing stuardship of the
> data, ie future updates,

Looks like the captureyear field provides a good starting point and believe
there is more potential to come up with a process for updating addresses.

I need to take another look at the data to say more specifically.


which is something that, during that pause,
> it came out that MapBox would not do.
> - Serge
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