[Imports] Address Data Import Norway

Ruben Undheim ruben.undheim at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 22:17:03 UTC 2014

Hi Paul,

Thanks for answering.

> The general view has been to not add addr:country

This has luckily not been done for the municipalities already imported
either, so we will correct the wiki-page to not mention anything about

> The wiki page states "POIs with addr-tags will not necessarily be removed
> during the import, but separate address nodes will be imported". Does this
> mean there will be duplicate addresses?

It means there will always be one and only one node containing only
address tags or one way with only address tags and building-tag set.
There could be POIs (amenity,shop) containing addr:*-tags in addition
to this "one and only one". This is to avoid removing address
information already stored in existing POIs which might be used by
people. There are automatic scripts to check that there is only one
object with only address tags.

> I also see you are proposing to remove address tags from buildings and put
> them onto nodes in some cases - this is contrary to common mapping practice.

The original suggestion in the Norwegian OSM community was to follow
the practice in Denmark where addresses on other things than nodes are
not allowed. But since some (in Norway) have opposed this - and still
want to keep addresses on buildings, this has been changed to a
suggestion for those who want to spend time on it and not a
requirement. This can of course be reconsidered and the suggestion
removed all together.

>> We would like to get confirmed from you that we may proceed with all
>> the remaining municipalities.
> If the consultation involves changing the import or deciding not to do it,
> how will you fix the existing municipalities?

This is a very good question (If I understand the question correctly).
Considering that people started pulling in nodes from this dataset
into OSM already a year ago in a manual process, and that these
addresses already have become a "vital" part interleaved with other
data, it's not so easy to remove the nodes from the municipalities
already imported. It's of course possible - but nobody in the
norwegian community would be happy about it. Hopefully this is just a
theoretical question.

Best regards,

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