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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 3 15:36:18 UTC 2014


On 10/03/2014 04:46 PM, Thomas Hynes wrote:
> Someone recently asked for help getting building footprints he had
> previous digitized into OSM.  The dataset consists of less than 2000
> building footprints in Penfield, NY outside of Rochester.  There are
> only a few buildings that would overlap exsiting OSM data.  I am able to
> upload via a .oms file in JOSM and than make any correction with the
> validation tools.  I just wasn't sure what is appropriate for a dataset
> this small.  At what threshold do you hit bulk numbers?

As a rule of thumb, "bulk" starts where you lose the ability to check
each object individually!

Now this is an interesting situation since you say the buildings have
been (I assume) manually traced; someone tracing 2000 buildings directly
in OSM would not be considered a bulk importer. But of course if the
data has been traced without reference to OSM than it is quite possible
that a house overlaps with another house or even a road, forest etc. in OSM.

I suggest that you load the data into JOSM, download OSM data in the
area, run the validator there *before* uploading, visually inspect the
whole thing again, and then upload.

Is it all just buildings with building=yes, or also other tags?


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