[Imports] New Orleans: importing buildings and addresses

Eric Ladner eric.ladner at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 12:01:26 UTC 2014

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 6:39 PM, Matt Toups <mtoups at cs.uno.edu> wrote:

> There are a small number of streets with "Rue" in the STREET field, with
> no TYPE field. These come out fine with no expansion: see houses on "Rue
> Delphine" in ward 15, precinct 18A. (Aside: you might think the "Rue"
> streets would be in the French Quarter, but you'd be wrong: they're all
> found in recently built subdivisions on the westbank.)

Good point.  I didn't see the shape file, so not sure how the data was
organized.  MARIS data wasn't quite as complete in some parts and did have
RUE in a separate field (similar to other Spanish and French abbreviations)
in others -- probably from bubbling up GIS data from disparate local
systems into one state wide system

> Eric, given your experience both in similar imports and in mapping this
> area, it would be great to add you to our list of import participants! As
> you see we have quite a few small precinct-size chunks to divide up and
> review.
Sure! Put me down as a chunk reviewer.

> thanks!
> Matt


Eric Ladner
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