[Imports] fleet manager maxspeed reports

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Fri Oct 24 19:06:46 UTC 2014


This topic has come up before, months ago.


Drivers in a fleet trigger an alarm in their vehicle when they are
detected as speeding.  So they slow down to shut off the alarm. :)
When the alarm says they are speeding but they know that they aren't
speeding, they send  us the posted speed limit to improve

Status: I am presenting the data to the community for evaluation of
quality, suitability, etc.

License: The source is a fleet management company.  They offer
explicit permission to include the data in OpenStreetMap.

Privacy: The drivers cooperate with their managers to offer this data to us.

Traceability: The data is provided with a hash of the originating
manager and a timestamp of the contribution.  That may never be
required, as the likelihood of an automated import is low. Nice to
have it is available.

This update:

I have prepared a sample of the data as a MapRoulette challenge on the
MR dev server.
This challenge is not an idea MR challenge as it can not be solved by
aerial imagery, unless you find a speed limit painted on the roadway.
However, MR is an interesting tool for evaluating this data.  MR
allows us to set an area of interest so we can examine tasks where we
have local knowledge.

Also, if these contributions were simply "map notes" we'd have limited
traceability, and only a point reference rather than a way.  Would we
use a map note to fix a maxspeed?  (Have you?)

I have attempted to restrict the test data in this case to:
- motorways
- USA.

Please have a look and offer your feedback.  I am especially
interested to learn from you:
- are there tasks in your area?
- do they seem reasonable?
- are they legitimate improvements where a maxspeed already exists?
- can you comfortably apply any of these reports from local knowledge
without a survey?
- Are you likely to fix up any other maxspeeds while you are at it? :-)

Known issues:
The drivers have less motivation to send us decreased maxspeeds.  So
we're likely to get only increases.

I have seen contributions for maxspeed that disagree with a posted
ramp speed (yellow sign) on motorway_link.  That probably deserves
discussion in another thread or list.  I avoided that for this sample
by selecting only motorway and excluding motorway_link.

Again. Not a perfect match for MR.  Please use the data as cautiously
as you would any import.  Limit to your local knowledge.  When in
doubt, survey, as the challenge help info says.  :-)


The fleet company currently has ~25k updates if we want them.  They
will publish on a regular basis once we iron the bugs / process out.
If we decide the data is helpful to us.

If we like the motorways I can add other highway types. for our
examination, etc.

And we can look at data elsewhere in the world.  The company is
getting submissions from their fleet in many countries.

There are ~1000 tasks in this sample, I have more when we want to look
at them.  And the company is hoping to provide many / month

best regards and happy mapping,


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