[Imports] Import cameras from Russian opendata portals

Anton Nesterov komachi at openmailbox.org
Tue Sep 23 05:51:49 UTC 2014

There is some datasets.

Moscow — http://data.mos.ru/datasets/1224
http://data.mos.ru/datasets/1500 http://data.mos.ru/datasets/1498
(license here http://data.mos.ru/about/terms (in Russian), requires only
attribution, similar to CC BY)

Tomsk oblast —
(in Russian), same as for Moscow)

Volgograd oblast —
http://old.volganet.ru/opendata/3444080684-TransportFixPassport/ (terms
http://old.volganet.ru/opendata/terms.html (in Russian), the same)

Maybe there is more, the data are spread for many local govt portals and
it's problematic to find them all.

There is also govt decree for opendata (in Russian)

So I want to import that datasets to OSM. It's actually a large number
of nodes (60100 only for Moscow, much more than OSM has for all world),
but it don't seems like it can broke something, the data is pretty hight
quality. Is it OK?

GPG key: 0CE8 65F1 9043 2B11 25A5 74A7 1187 6869 67AA 56E4

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