[Imports] Import 67 sirens of Duisburg

Johannes jotpe at posteo.de
Tue Apr 7 16:56:04 UTC 2015

Dear mappers,

there is a list of sirens in the German city Duisburg available [1].
Until now its unclear if the data license is compatible with ours. A
request for this is already running.

In the case of compatibility, I would like to migrate (two sirens
already exists) the siren locations carefully into OSM. We have right
now a special task in the German community for this [2]. I will transfer
the data to the described format from the task.

Any concerns about that?
Regards Johannes

[1] http://www.duisburg.de/micro/feuerwehr/service/102010100000441776.php
[2] http://blog.openstreetmap.de/blog/2015/04/wochenaufgabe-sirenen/

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