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On 04/09/2015 05:39 PM, EthnicFood IsGreat wrote:

> Paul, can you expand on getting local support?  It seems to me that

> adding buildings in a major city that has almost none is a no-brainer.


We will definitely expect that you verify what you are importing against

what is already there. This means that you - or some other human being -

has to look at *everything* you are importing with their own eyes (not

just look at 100 buildings out of 100,000 and conclude that things look



---- Here in Indy we obtain new aerial photography of the city every year.
After we get the photography loaded into our library, there is a staff
person who surveys the entire city systematically, looking for changes to
the building layer, and he makes the edits to the building outlines, making
sure they match the new photography.  So our building layer is never more
than a year out of date.  This goes for all our planimetric layers.


Even if there are no buildings in the city already, there might be POIs

or address points to be conflated with the buildings, or there might be

other objects in the way (e.g. a coarsely drawn road and your imported

building sits squarely on the road). In these cases we'd expect the

importer to either not import a building that sits in the road or,

preferably, fix the road while they're at it.


---- I quite agree, Frederik.  Yes, I had already thought of those issues.
I was not talking about throwing a bunch of new data blindly onto the map.
I was planning to take all of those issues into account.



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