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Michael Schnuerle mschnuerle at codeforamerica.org
Fri Apr 10 18:50:40 UTC 2015

Matt, I've only organized one import, but I'll try to help you from what 
I've learned.

Basically you want to pre-process your GIS data, divide it into hundreds 
of chunks, then create a job in Task Manager for you and your community 
of volunteers to work on, one area at a time.

See Louisville, Baltimore, and New Orleans here: 

You will write a OSM Wiki guide that will help document and teach 
volunteers how to do the work.
Copy this one to start: 

You should also try and contact your local Code for America Indy Brigade 
for help (and join up yourself!).  They can help get volunteers and it 
would be a great first project for them.  They are just getting started 
so not much info now, but here's what I have and you can likely find 
more locally.

There are currently 3 CfA fellows in Indy so start with them: 

If you want some more step-by-step details of how we did it and our 
progress, check out the "CDA Work Before the Event" section of our 

PS You should also post this on the [Imports-US] mailing list since it's 
US specific.

*Michael Schnuerle* | Code for America Louisville Brigade Captain
CivicDataAlliance.org <http://www.civicdataalliance.org/> | Open Data 
Portal <http://data.civicdataalliance.org>

*EthnicFood IsGreat*
/Wed Apr 8 15:30:28 UTC 2015/

Hello list.  I am a newbie as far as importing into OSM, but I am also a
GIS professional working for the City of Indianapolis and I have access to
all our GIS layers.  I would like to import some of our layers into OSM,
and I'm aware that I need to publish a plan first, but right now I have a
technical question.  I want to use the shp2osm script to convert our
shapefiles, but the OSM wiki says that the script is not compatible with
API 0.6.  Does that mean that if I use the script and then try to import
the data into OSM using JOSM, it won't work?


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