[Imports] Import of Paris buildings heights

Vincent Frison vincent.frison at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 11:06:36 UTC 2015


I wrote a program which imports height informations to the existing
buildings in Paris, France.

The source data license is ODbL and I have added a new row in the import
catalog page.

The program simply adds building:levels tags on building elements which :
- don't have yet a such tag (in order to not disturb work already done by
other contributors)
- have good matching score with the imported buildings.

More informations are on the Wiki page:

I'd have a few questions about the source :

In the Wiki it's written "for large edits the source tag can be added to
the changeset tags rather than in the features themselves". That's what I'm
doing for now but I'd prefer to set the source tag on each updated

The problem is that all parisian buildings have already a source tag valued
because they have been imported from cadastre of the French gouvernement.

My question is: should I add a new source tag like tag
source:building:levels=my_source_label or reuse the source tag by
concatening my source label (example: tag source = previous_source_label +
my_source_label) ? If the answer is to reuse the source tag what's the best
way to do the concatenation : with ". ", with " + " or with a carriage
return ?

Thanks for your help, Vincent.
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