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Hi, Frederik:

That's an interesting question. Thank you.

- From independence until early 80's Tanzania had a first road
classification system that, although not the official system anymore,
it seems to be present in many road maps up to now. Then, they changed
to a British-like A-B system (AXXX for trunk roads and BXXX for lesser
roads). That system was changed to the current official system in
2000, with TXX for trunk roads (T1 to T25) and R for regional roads. I
have written a hackpad where I am gathering all this info [1].

All TXX roads are already mapped in OSM, but some might be wrong,
according to the difference in km with the wikipedia (German and
Dutch) references (see hackpad). Moreover, all of them are mapped as a
mix of trunk and primary, many of them primary for some segments and
trunk for others. So this is something that has to be corrected too.
Finally, there isn't any route relation for any of these roads:
another TODO task.

It's true that there isn't any explicit reference about this in the
imports wiki, but we warn about not changing the OSM tags in the
workflow wiki [2]: "We will keep the highway=* tag of the OSM way (in
this example: highway=tertiary), unless we really think it is wrong
according to the Highway Tag Africa wiki. But in any case we will
never keep highway=road."

I will add something about this to the import wiki, and make it more
explicit not to change ref=* tags in the workflow wiki too.

Correcting/adding ref tags to the Tanzanian roads is out of the scope
of this import. It can be done at any time, but a good thing would be
to do it right after the import is done, or even better right after
each Tasking Manager job are being finished. In any case, this would
have to be discussed with the Tanzanian local OSM community, at least
about what the tagging for the T and R roads should be. This import
won't change anything about that, so we can consider that this is an
issue that doesn't affect this import.



[1] https://hackpad.com/Tanzania-road-network-QqDI7sW3Fxu

On 13/08/15 23:05, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> On 08/13/2015 05:24 AM, Rafael Avila Coya wrote:
>> An import wiki has been produced [3] and a detailed workflow
>> with lots of screenshots is being finished [4], with the goal of
>> keeping the highest consistency among users.
> Do roads in Tanzania have names or numbers at all? If so, what
> about them - they aren't mentioned on the wiki page as far as I can
> see.
> Bye Frederik
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