[Imports] Tanzania roads manual import

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Tue Aug 18 11:50:05 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 18 August 2015, Rafael Avila Coya wrote:
> There is no need to give a permission to relicense the data under the
> ODbL, because giving the permission to integrate the data into OSM is
> an implicit acceptance of the ODbL. That's cristal clear.
> The original data cannot be distributed outside OSM, but the data,
> once integrated in OSM, is not the original data anymore, it's OSM
> data, "old" and "new". And therefore, available to anyone under the
> ODbL license.

Well - i can only give you my assessment here - i can't force you to 
concur with it.

As already said two times a proper import review will only be possible 
with the data available for inspection and open discussion.  I strongly 
object the very idea of contorting the import review process by 
limiting its inherent openness.  The OSM project is founded on the idea 
of openness and free data and this means open and freely accessible to 
anyone and not just to a select group who have agreed to some third 
party terms.

Or in other words: if the data is only free after it has been imported 
into the OSM database there is no way importing it in compliance with 
the import guidelines and the contributor terms.

Christoph Hormann

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