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Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 00:43:34 UTC 2015

Hi, all:

More than 20 emails have been written so far about this import.

JSI and USAID DELIVER project GIS Team lead, Andrew Inglis, who is also
posting and following this thread, has emailed me to further clarify
things that I am sure will be of help in paving the path to, sooner or
later, proceed with this import.

As it was explained already, this data was collected with the purpose of
helping MSD and JSI for delivery of health commodities to health
facilities across Tanzania. Andrew Inglis and JSI recognized that this
data would be a valuable resource that could be used by others, and
making it available on OSM was the obvious choice, with the support of
MSD as evidenced by the data release agreement.

MSD is a parastatal organization that JSI works closely with in Tanzania
on a number of supply chain activities. They have partnered with MSD
under funding from USAID.

In this case, MSD provided access to the GPS data that was used to
generate the digital road network. JSI used the data to generate the
digital road network with USAID funding. The GPS data came from vehicles
owned by MSD and JSI. Imagery came from Bing. JSI has provided the
digital road data back to MSD and USAID.

JSI and MSD collectively crafted the data release agreement to recognize
MSDs role. MSD is in agreement that the digital road network generated
using their GPS data should be made available on OSM. All three parties
(JSI, USAID and MSD) have agreed that this data should be made available
through OSM. Additionally, USAID has stated in writing that it would
follow MSDs lead, so USAID is also in agreement on the data release.

This not a case of one custodian, it is effectively a three part
custodian, MSD, JSI and USAID. JSI has worked to ensure agreement from
all parties that this data be made available through OSM.

If you need any further clarification, you can ask directly here to
Andrew Inglis. But it's clear to me that there isn't any license issue
in importing this data into OSM. And there isn't any issue on doing it
through the Tasking Manager, as JSI wishes to do it that way, as it is
the most convenient: roads have to be tagged (highway, surface...),
merged with existing OSM data, etc., so a manual import is the best
choice. Restrictions? Only that we have to do it before September 2016
(we have plenty of time).

I want to think that all people participating in this thread are fully
aware of a) the gift that for us, OSM community, is that one group of
organizations are giving us such a valuable set of data for import into
OSM, something that we should be very thankful, and b) that this is done
with the only purpose that other people/organizations/institutions will
benefit from this data, a set of data that will improve road coverage
from around 55,000 km to more than 100,000 km of roads in OSM in Tanzania.

Therefore, I would kindly ask all of you to have this information in
mind, and to be positive in the sense that, if you see any issue
whatsoever, please try to look together for the solution.

Thank you very much, and have a nice day,


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