[Imports] Taiwan: Changed data.gov.tw License, then the admin boundary import proposal

Hsiao-Ting Yu [:littlebtc] sst.dreams at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 11:11:23 UTC 2015

Hi, list,

The open folks in Taiwan had a very good news for mappers in Taiwan: The
Open Data License changed in Taiwan and now it permits conversion to CC-BY
4.0 (Yes, just BY, no SA).
The license in Chinese can be read at:

Another good news is that some valuable data converts to that license, for
example, the official administration boundary data, with excellent quality
and village-level (admin_level=9) coverage:

There are 7851 villages in Taiwan so it could be a very good to import. :)

So today I propose the administration boundary imports in Taiwan. I will
also discuss that to the community, too.
I believe there are some problems to solve:

* Confirm the data.gov.tw license really permits imports to the OSM.
* Solve the conflict with current drawn administration boundary.

Fell free to make some feedback. :)
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