[Imports] Guidelines for regular importers of third-party data?

Andrew Guertin andrew.guertin at uvm.edu
Tue Aug 25 07:31:07 UTC 2015

I noticed a problematic undiscussed import in my area recently*, and a 
little research based off the user name showed that the account likely 
belongs to a company that manages online presences for their clients: a 
"pay us and we'll make sure you're listed in all sorts of places online" 
sort of deal.

Hypothetically, a company like this could be doing a number of 
small-scale imports every day. Parts of our import guidelines don't seem 
like they would work very well for this scenario.

Specifically, posting to this list for each and every customer's data 
seems like it would stop serving much purpose after a while, and waiting 
for community review when you've done scores of similar imports would be 
quite grating. And the value of a wiki page for a few hundred nodes of a 
small chain seems minimal.

At the same time, everyone should of course follow the rules of don't 
duplicate data, use the right tags, etc. And there's value in making 
sure someone knows what they're doing before they start making lots of 

So the question is, should we create separate guidelines for people who 
perform imports regularly, and if so, what should they be?


* Changeset 33551525, importing 116 locations for a regional waste 
disposal company, using tags like "Address Line 1" instead of addr:*, 
"Main Phone" instead of phone, etc. I will follow up with a changeset 

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