[Imports] Guidelines for regular importers of third-party data?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Aug 25 08:09:12 UTC 2015


On 08/25/2015 09:31 AM, Andrew Guertin wrote:
> Specifically, posting to this list for each and every customer's data
> seems like it would stop serving much purpose after a while, and waiting
> for community review when you've done scores of similar imports would be
> quite grating. And the value of a wiki page for a few hundred nodes of a
> small chain seems minimal.

I'd at least request that they identify themselves (we've had one such
company create hundreds of accounts to hide their traces, and when
challenged, they said that it was important for them that the
competition can't easily get at their list of clients), and that they
describe their technical procedure. That procedure could then be vetted.
The most common problems with such imports are:

* duplicating entries (because nobody checks what's already there)
* overwriting changes made by mappers
* not reacting to messages sent by other mappers
* adding unwanted advertising messages in either changeset comments,
note tags, name tags, or description tags
* placing objects in locations that don't match our map (because the
position was taken from a geocoding service and not manually verified
against OSM)
* violating a third-party geocoder's license (e.g. geocoding location on
Google, then adding to OSM)

If an import procedure can be demonstrated to be reasonably safe against
these problems, I could envisage us giving them a general ok, which
would of course have to be revoked as soon as problems occur.

> * Changeset 33551525, importing 116 locations for a regional waste
> disposal company, using tags like "Address Line 1" instead of addr:*,
> "Main Phone" instead of phone, etc. I will follow up with a changeset
> comment.

Frankly, I'd revert that outright, or at least if you don't hear back
real soon. If someone wants to import data into OSM commercially, I
expect them to be 120% correct, not 20%.


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