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Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Sat Aug 29 07:18:00 UTC 2015

Hi Jim,

Am 2015-08-28 um 05:52 schrieb Jim Stob:
> From the responses received it sounds like we should first look at the licensing issue. I’d prefer not to make our TM and Data Agreement public but would be happy to send it to OSM's legal or those familiar the OSM license. 

The OpenStreetMap community is an open community and that's why we
strees openess and transparency. That's why sending the "TM and Data
Agreement" has to be published.

To be able to import data your import proposal (documented at OSM wiki)
has to answer following questions (and maybe some more):

Who are your clients?

Other mappers may modify the data you imported after your import. You
have to take care if you update these data later. Don't just overwrite
it! This may force us to revert your changes and to block you.

How does your import work? Please publish your import tools and scripts
(including source code, if necessary for review).

My answer may be harsh but as a member of the German community I have
got enough bad experiences with one of competitors.

Best regards


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