[Imports] Importing official Buildings/Addresses in Louisville KY

Michael Schnuerle mschnuerle at codeforamerica.org
Wed Jan 28 19:55:25 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Louisville KY's Code for America brigade has volunteered to help the 
American Printing House for the Blind work with the OSM community to 
import the building footprint and address data properly.

I'm coordinating the effort and wanted to reach out to this list, per 
the Import Guildelines.  I've created some OSM Wiki pages as a start to 
compile all the info publicly.

Main Import page:

Added to this list:

We've got a number of members who have made some OSM edits over the last 
few years.  We are reaching out to more active local OSM editors too.  
If there is anyone on this list who is an active editor locally we'd 
love to have your support and help!

You can read more about the project here on our forum:

I'd like to ask for help with making sure we do everything correctly, 
and next steps.  We want to follow in the footsteps of NYC, LA, Chicago 
and NOLA who have all recently done something similar.

We have a technically competent team of volunteers (programmers, 
mappers, GIS, coders), and our short term goal is to get things setup 
for a hackathon we are hosting Feb 21 called CodeAcross. At CodeAcross 
we'll have a day to really get people focused on loading the data in 
chunks into OSM.

I'm also sending this to the imports-us@ list.  If I should focus my 
communications there just let me know.



*Michael Schnuerle* | Code for America Louisville Brigade Captain
/e/ mschnuerle at codeforamerica.org | @CivicDataAlly 

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