[Imports] Importing bus stops from NaPTAN

Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 14:17:17 UTC 2015

2015-07-08 15:08 GMT+01:00 Stephen Dawkins <elfarto at elfarto.com>:
> I'll look into creating a page on the wiki with my import procedure. It
> should be noted that part of the NaPTAN data has already been imported, just
> not for the area that I'm working in.
> NaPTAN is the official list of all bus stops (amongst other things) in the
> UK, and is continuously updated. It's accuracy is pretty good overall (at
> least in the stops I'm looking at importing).
> I would say the quality is about equal to what we have in OSM already, with
> the added benefit that it actually contains all the stops. OSM is missing so
> many stops, I can't really import the bus routes without adding them all.

In my experience the geolocation is rather variable, as the previous
commenter suggested. When manually editing in the UK, quite a few
times I've been unsure whether a bus stop is missing or whether it's
actually meant to be represented by the naptan node some distance
away, so manual conflation can be tricky and I tend to avoid
conflating naptan entries that I suspect are duplicated with other
entries. Accuracy "about equal to" OSM, I'd say that's unlikely.


> Regards
> Stephen
> On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 1:58 PM, Michael Reichert <nakaner at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Hi Stephen,
>> Am 2015-07-07 um 15:05 schrieb Stephen Dawkins:
>> > Does this seem like an acceptable way forward?
>> Have you read the import guidelines at OSM Wiki? If not, please do it!
>> You have to document your import proposal at OSM Wiki and post the link
>> to that page at this mailing list.
>> Once you run your import, please remember to use a separate account for
>> your import.
>> Another question: How good is Naptan data? In Germany quality of bus
>> stop databases is worse than OSM because these databases (each bus
>> company or network has its own) have been created by clicking on a
>> Navteq/TeleAtlas background map where the bus stop can be. Please
>> compare existing bus stops in OSM to those at Naptan.
>> I think we should only import this data if it is as good as bus stops at
>> OSM. If Naptan is worse, I would not add the Naptan stops to OSM and add
>> a fixme=* or stops_missing=true (I have not checke dif stops_missing=*
>> is already in use, it's just my idea) to the route relation. Other
>> mappers can use Naptan to find these bus stops and check in reality
>> where it really is. That's the way we do in Karlsruhe (city and
>> surrounding county) at the moment. We have a list of emergency access
>> points (accuracy 30 to 100 metres) by Red Cross and check in field if
>> they still exist and where they are really mounted.
>> Best regards
>> Michael
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