[Imports] Updating large amount of un-named records of Tehran / Iran

Ehsan Mohammad Ali ehsan.ma at gmx.com
Sat Jul 25 06:16:00 UTC 2015


I have a dataset of Tehran roads (in Iran) with name of all roads. Many
roads of Tehran are not named in OSM map yet. 

Coordinates on my dataset does not exactly match the ones in OSM, but I did
a job and for first step I extracted very very matched records. These roads
are only two node roads and also I programmatically put restriction is order
to be sure the matching confidence is highest possible. So from about 155 k
road records in my dataset and  44k road records in OSM data, I did
extracted about 4K (exactly 4464) records where are closely match and from
these road records 1376 roads are un named in OSM database. So I know the
name of 1376 records in Tehran which have not name in OSM database. 

I can make a spreadsheet file with two columns of osm_id and name of those
un named records to update OSM database. After that how can I update the OSM

This is first step, after this I'll try to extract more matching data.


Thank you

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