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Tue Jul 28 16:36:04 UTC 2015

Greenland is generally poorly mapped - the only full map cover is in scale
1:250K. The few and small settlements and towns are though mapped in 1:500
by my former workplace Asiaq Greenland Survey. After a donation of aerial
imagery from Asiaq to Microsoft Bing, OSM'ers in Greenland and abroad have
been kind to map the larger towns in high detail, myself I am digitizing
the small settlements one at the time (1-2 hours each).

Although the number of settlements and mapped features are quite few, the
task of mapping the topography of Greenland outside the settlements are
enormous. The most import object is the coastline, which is detailed in
Greenland from numerous fjords and archipelagos and around 85,000 km in
length - measured in scale 1:250K, so definitely more when mapped in detail.

In the early days of OSM, when data on Greenland was totally missing, the
user opani, imported coastline data from PGS + manual digitization of the
poor PGS data for Greenland. But the OSM coastline of Greenland is very
coarse, except for edits near the settlements.
I have been in contact with opani via OSM messaging, and he provided me
with the data history but is not able to help enhancing the coastline.

I have derived a new vector coastline (½ GB) for Greenland.

The coast line is basically a smoothened raster to vector conversion in
GDAL using a land/sea mask from a US research project named GIMP -
Greenland Ice Mapping Project - led by Dr. Ian Howat from Byrd Polar
Research Center at Ohio State University. The original land/sea mask raster
is prepared from primarily Landsat7 ETM+ and Radarsat classifications. The
land/sea mask is provided from http://bpcrc.osu.edu/gdg/data/icemask and
can be used for any academic purpose, including OSM as long as they are
cited when used.

Citation from the principal investigator:

*From:    Ian Howat <ihowat at gmail.com <ihowat at gmail.com>>Sent:    22 March
2015 22:33To:    Karl ZinglersenSubject:    Re: GIMP Ocean & Ice Mask in
Open Street MapKarl,Thanks for the information. GIMP and the SETSM DEM may
be used for any academic purpose as long as they are cited when used in
presentations/publications. Ian**Data Citation:*
* Howat, I.M., A. Negrete, B.E. Smith, 2014, The Greenland Ice Mapping
Project (GIMP) land classification and surface elevation datasets, The
Cryosphere, 8, 1509-1518, doi:10.5194/tc-8-1509-2014*
I have great experience with geospatial work in general and OSM editing,
but no experience with OSM imports. There isn't an OSM-editor community
here in Nuuk for the task, so I am asking for people to assist me across
I need help to:
1. Planning the process
2. Prepare vector data properly for import
3. Take caution of already detailed coastlines.
3. Assist with the import and eventual edits. - many parts hold mistaken

I have a much smaller set of building in the abandoned mining village of
Qullissat to eventually start with.

Best regards,

Karl Zinglersen

Karl Brix Zinglersen
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