[Imports] Form of written consent for an import?

Robert Buchholz robertbuchholz at gmx.de
Thu Jun 11 07:55:40 UTC 2015


the city of Berlin (Germany) has a semantic 3D modell (in CityGML) of 
all buildings in the city. From that model, I would like to import 
certain metadata (mostly building heights) into OSM (just to add tags to 
existing OSM ways/relations, I do not intend to import any geometry). 
The details of the import have not been worked out yet, but will be 
discussed with the OSM community before any actions are taken.

At this time, I only want to solve the legal/license issues to make sure 
that the data can and will be allowed to be imported into OSM. I 
contacted the holder of rights for the 3D model asking them whether they 
would allow import to OSM. They verbally gave their consent, and are 
asking me how to proceed, i.e. in which form they should give their 
consent in writing. I asked that question to Frederik Ramm of the OSMF 
DWG, and based on his suggestions drafted a written statement for the 
holder of rights to sign and mail to an OSMF representative.

So here is my question: Is the drafted statement (given below in German 
and English) sufficient *from a legal point of view* for the 
OpenStreetMap community to allow an import into OpenStreetMap? (And if 
not, which changes are necessary, and why?)


*German Version*
'Als Rechteinhaber am "3D Stadtmodell Berlin" gestatten wir hiermit der 
OpenStreetMap-Community den direkten und indirekten Import beliebiger 
Daten aus dem "3D Stadtmodell Berlin" nach OpenStreetMap. Wir gestatten 
hiermit ebenso die anschließende Nutzung der so importierten Daten unter 
der jeweils aktuell gültigen OpenStreetMap-Lizenz (derzeit die Open 
Database License, ODbL). Dabei übernehmen wir jedoch keinerlei Gewähr 
für Vollständigkeit oder Korrektheit der bereitgestellten Daten.'

*English Version*
'As the holder of rights on the "3D Stadtmodell Berlin" we allow the 
OpenStreetMap community to directly and indirectly import arbitrary data 
from the "3D Stadtmodell Berlin" into OpenStreetMap. At the same time, 
we allow usage and distribution of all data imported in such a way under 
the license under which all OpenStreetMap data is distributed (currently 
the Open Database License, ODbL). We, however, do not give any warranty 
as to the completeness or correctness of the provided data.'

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