[Imports] Nepal VDC's boundaries import

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Sun May 17 17:55:06 UTC 2015

On Sunday 17 May 2015, Rafael Avila Coya wrote:
> 1) The clearly different views on the compatibility/incompatibility
> of CC-by among ourselves (members of the OSM community). For my
> understanding, we should have a consensus in this matter, but we
> haven't.
> 2) You only refer to statements made by yourself in the past. Note
> that Sarah Hinchliff Pearson, Senior counsel of Creative Commons [1],
> says that CC-by is compatible with ODbL, refering in fact to OSM. Is
> she not authoritative enough? If not, why?  Do you have any legal
> advice to refer to, that contradicts Sarah's? If she is not good
> enough, why and whom did we consult that contradicted that reasoning
> of hers? Can you please answer to these questions?
> 3) Both of the links you mention on the LWG minutes are your own
> opinion, isn't it?

I think you are missing the point here - it has been common practice in 
the past to obtain individual permission from right owners for 
importing CC-BY data into OSM.  If you want to change this established 
procedure for your import you should give a valid reason.  The only 
reason i could imagine is that the right owner does not want to give 
that permission - which obviously is a bad one.

> You asked me to document the ocha:pcode and ocha:old_code tags, and I
> did. For the sake of consistency, we will use the same unocha:pcode
> key already described in the wiki page for the West Africa Ebola
> crisis pcodes import last year [2]. Consecuently, we also changed the
> second to unocha:old_code. As you can see, the unocha:pcode tag is in
> red colour in the refered Ebola wiki, as it is in ours.

This all looks very obscure - I already mentioned before, see:


that proprietary IDs where mappers have no way to verify the validity of 
the ID have no place in OSM.

Christoph Hormann

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