[Imports] Nepal VDC's boundaries import

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Mon May 25 19:23:21 UTC 2015

Hi Amrit,

Am 2015-05-24 um 11:45 schrieb amrit karmacharya:
> There has been a lot of discussion on license compatibility but i want to
> point out to the source. The VDC boundaries is property of Govt of Nepal,
> Survey Dept. Any other source is derivative and subjected to Nepal Govt.
> License. Nepal govt has released these data for free use after the
> earthquake, see http://old.ngiip.gov.np/EARTHQUAKE2072/DataDownloader.html

That only the half of the truth!

http://old.ngiip.gov.np/EARTHQUAKE2072/DataDownloader.html says:
> The data can be used freely for earthquake disaster analysis purpose
> only by the organization who are working for disaster rescue and
> mapping activities of the disaster occurred due to the recent
> earthquake of 25th and 26th April, 2015.
> Use of this data set for any other purposes is strictly prohibited.

This is not compatible to the Contributor Terms, ODbL and any other free
license (free as freedom).

Best regards


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