[Imports] Myanmar townships

Nicholas Doiron nickd at codeforamerica.org
Wed Nov 4 00:01:35 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I have been working with the Asia Foundation and MIMU (a local UN office)
on open data for Myanmar. Some state boundaries exist on OSM, but the next
level down (townships) is currently unmapped. These admin regions also
serve as congressional districts in the lower house of parliament.

We've uploaded townships as GeoJSON and used it in a number of
applications. Data attributes include the name in Myanmar script (Myanmar3)
and the Latin script (Township).

Issues: the township borders do not fit into the current state/region or
national borders represented on OpenStreetMap. It doesn't show expanded
borders either... there are areas where both countries add and lose
territory. During any import I would be careful to map border townships to
avoid changing national borders.

Tips or feedback on this dataset, please let me know.

-- Nick Doiron
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